2nd day – Catalonia

Today, day 2 of April of 2019. Has been the second day in the project of Erasmus. The day has begun at 8:30 in front of the Institut Castell del Quer, where we found all the students of the project. There we caught a bus that brought us up to la Jonquera, our first destination, stepping off the bus we had the breakfast and we visited the beautiful streets of this town, there were also go to know the history of the exile in Catalonia by the civil war in the museum of exile. There we checked our knowledge about the civil war and we then learnt all that had happened the people who had to exile after the Spanish civil war to France. Then we packed and went back to catch the bus to Elne, a small French city where is located one of the places with more importance in the course of the process of exile, the maternity home of Elne, there told us the story of Elisabeth Eidenbenz and the founder of the maternity home, which helped a lot of people, especially children and mothers, to escape the war and to give them a hope and a better life. Then we made a visit to the maternity. At the end of the visit we returned to Prats de Lluçanès.