Interview to Dolors Serra

She, Dolors Serra was born on May of 1934. She was born in Lluçà’s municipality, but she lived all her childhood in a country house.

When she was little she went to school, but when she was 14 years she began to work as a maid  in les Lloses. 2 years later, when she was 16, she returned to her house to help her mother, but a little later she was obliged to leave and she went to work in Codines doing the same as she did in les Lloses.

In Codines she met Josep Colell, a housekeeper who worked at the same house as her. Later, she and Josep got married, and she left the house to  live with Josep in the center of Sant Boi in a house called Ca la mercè. In this house they had their first and unique son, Pere.

She remembers thatthey had economical problems, because all the weeks they were in debt with the shop of the village, because they didn’t have any money to pay all the food that they had bought.

Finally, she says that in the village only two families had vehicles, one of these families was the family who had the shop of the village and the other family was the richest family who lived in el Vilar, a famous house in the village.