Today, 1 st April of 2019, was the first day of reception of Italian and Czech students. At
8:10 a.m., a meeting of all the students and teachers took place in front of the high
school Castell del Quer to go together to a municipal venue where we have been doing
the different activities programmed throughout the morning.
First of all, a presentation of the Erasmus + project has been made. Next, each country
has made an explanation about which tasks have been carried out over the last few
months The students of Catalonia have showed their activities and explained the
activities to be carried out during the week.
Then, there has been a twenty minute breakfast and afterwards, the students were
able to enjoy a conference about the historical memory by an expert on the subject.
Around 14:00 a.m., an international lunch was organized with the help of Catalan
Once the lunch has finished, all the students have been distributed into some
classrooms of the high school and have been working on the project.