5th day – Catalonia


During Friday we performed several activities, first of all we went to L’Espai, where two students of 2nd year. Made an oral presentation in English to introduce us to the presentation they would do to us later. At the end of this presentation, we went to the City Council to meet the guides that would make us visit the common pit of Puigvistós. We separated in 2 groups, one guide was in Catalan and the other in English. The guide made us a small introductory guide for the town, where he taught us some of the places that were most emblematic during the Civil War in Prats, such as the Casa de la Vila, the nuns’ school, and other important places, then we went to the outskirts of the village to a place close to San Sebastián, where were the trenches during the War. We could not finish the visit since the weather forecast indicated that it was going to rain a lot. Finally, we addressed all the students to the Sala Polivalent and we all ate together. Before we said goodbye to the Czech students we danced the Contrapàs, a typical dance of Prats. Finally at 3 the Czechs left.

On Friday, we did some activities. At half past nine, two very nice students from our school called Mercè and Anna Rossinyol gave an amazing oral presentation. First, they talked about the civil war and the repression the people received. Then, they explained how the exhumation of the Puigvistós mass grave was carried out and what they found there. They also explained the Generalitat’s Mass Grave Plan of 2017 and what Prats has done for historical memory these past years. It was very informative and it made us think a lot.