On the third day, once we were accommodated, and after sleeping in our Italian partner house, we started the day going to the Liceo Scientifico Corradino d’Ascanio, a high school with more than 900 students, and where our partners actually study. First of all, each partner introduced us to their classroom, in which some of them are part of the Erasmus + . We did half an hour of class (which was in Italian).

Later, at about 9 o’clock they brought us to the audiovisual room, where we went along with the Italian, Catalan and Czech presentations. In these, each region explained their Erasmus + work (field work about the history, traditions, culture of their area), as well as the activities they did to collectall this information.

Later, at midday, we went to a restaurant in a shopping centre, where we had lunch. Once we finished eating, we returned to the Liceo, where they gave us time to work on the Erasmus + project, in different activites such as day chronicles or videos.

When we finished the work, we were given free time, so we could return to our partner’s house.