4th day – Catalonia

Today, Thursday 4 of April of 2019, we have gone to Barcelona.

In the morning, we made a gymkhana, to which we have divided into groups, one or two people of 1st Batxillerat , with their partners, one or two people from 4th of Eso, with their partners, and two Itallian people. The gymkhana started at the Sagrada Familia, and ended at the statue of Columbus, and we had to go through five places, each one, we had to take a picture with all the components of the group, and upload it to Instagram .

Then, when we finished all the gymkhana, we had a little time for lunch, and we ate, we went to the refuge, located in Poble Sec.

The visit to the refuge lasted about an hour and a half, and they told us the experiences of the people who had to take refuge there during the Civil War, because of the bombing that took place. They also explained to us what they had in that era, a nursing room, where they catered for the people who entered to the shelter who were hurt or so that the pregnant mothers could birth.

After the visit to the refuge, we went to the  bunker of the Carmel located on the Turó de la Rovira, where they told us that during the Spanish Civil War, there was an anti-aircraft battery, where there were 4 tanks in total, that could be moved in 160 degrees, in order to defend the city well.