Presentation the Erasmus+ project

30 years ago, in 1987, on the initiative of the European Student Association AEGEE and with the special support of the Governments of France and Spain, they did the action plan for the mobility of High School students from the European region, also known as ERASMUS. Thanks to it, the foundations were established to allow the exchange of international students and teachers among the institutions of higher education in the European area.

So, this year, our High School has had the opportunity to participate for the fourth time in this project in an European level. This time, the programme is based on  historical memory: we will discover beyond what we know, exploring our historical past with experiences, stories, etc.

This project will get  3 different countries together: the Czech Republic and Italy and Catalonia. On the one hand, we will receive 25 Czech students in Catalonia and 25 Italian students, which will be hosted in the houses of the families of the students who are participating in the project, around the Lluçanès.  In the same way, 25 students of 1st of Batxillerat and 25 students of 4th ESO are going to these countries next year.  In the case of Prats de Lluçanès, we will receive students from 1st to 5th April 2019; moreover , our students are going to go to Italy in October of that same year, while the students of 4th ESO will go to the Czech Republic in 2020.

To be well informed, we are going to hold some conferences and do research in the History subject. A good example is the visit of Amical Mauthausen, an Association of people who were witnesses of the concentration camps of Mauthausen. 

High school students studying history will be in charge of carrying out projects of oral memory talking to many people that were present during the post war in our region.

Our goals with this project are, therefore, working concepts of history to know more about the past that concerns and attracts us. Also, making an exchange with people from other countries will let us talk in English, so our goal is to improve our fluency and speak this language more often. In addition, we believe that this project is going to give us the opportunity to meet and interact with girls and boys from other countries, something that will make us gain maturity and self-esteem.