Interview to Dolors. Life in the countryside of a republican.

I’m a very lucky person, because my grandmother, Dolors, has a great memory. Dolors, was born in difficult times.

My grandmother was born on 13th December 1933, during the II Spanish Republic. She was born in Vilardaga, in Sagàs (Catalonia), the village where I am living right now. It’s a little village with 150 inhabitants. The houses are distributed unequally. When my grandmother was born, the majority of people were dedicated to the agriculture. Our family had land properties. In those times they were playing with balls, cards, domino, etc. My grandmother, lived the outburst of the Civil War (1936-1939).

My grandmother, as I said before, was born in Vilardaga. There, she lived with our parents, our brothers and our uncles. My grandmother’s father, worked as a trader. One hobby of my great grandfather was photography. He received a lot of trophies.

My grandmother, when she was young, went to school in the village. Here, she didn’t have a fascist education. Later, when she was older, she went to Mataró. Here, she suffered the fascist education. She had a teacher from la Falange, a fascist political party.

When Franco won the Civil War, the names in streets were changed in favour of Franco.

My grandmother got married in 1958, in our house. They never had any problem to speak Catalan in Spain, because they loved to travel there.

In 1975, the dictator, Francisco Franco, died in Madrid. That supposed a great relief for the Spanish population!