On the second day of our experience,April 1st,we had the International Lunch:it consisted of a lunch in which all the students brought something from their country.For example,we took some typical Abruzzo’s food,such as pecorino cheese,cured meats,fiadoni,savoury cakes but also sweet food,like cantucci or parrozzo.We also tried Czech food:it was very spicy and strong,so different from Italian tastes but delicious anyway.Czech students brought little portions of goulash,a typical Eastern European stew which was very tasty and also different kinds of cinnamon biscuits with nice shapes,such as dolls or houses,and they were glazed,too.We ate also Catalan food and it was amazing:my favourite dish was surely paella:they cooked it with meat and fish and the taste was incredible.I tried also carquinyolis,biscuits very similar to our traditional cantucci.Catalan cheese was great,too:it was aged and made of sheep milk and it was similar to our pecorino cheese but maybe stronger.I really enjoyed that day because we ate all together,sharing our tastes and traditions and it was a fantastic moment.