Interview to Ramon i Teresa

In this video there are two grandparents from Prats de Lluçanes (one of the two does not appear in the video) that were born when the Spanish Civil War ended. They tell us about their youth, their anecdotes and their memory. A complicated time that they lived with a big smile. Actually they have 4 children and 6 grandchildren (1 grandchild participates in the project). They teach us despite difficulty, we must fight and always be happy.😊

We locate ourselves in Prats de Lluçanès in 1936, year when Ramon Font was born. At that moment, the Spanish Civil War had just started, something that changed that peaceful and quiet scenario that an inhabitant of a little village could live in the Spanish state. Teresa was born some years later, in 1940, in Sant Feliu Sasserra, but she was born specifically in Oristà. Teresa also heard about the war, but when she was aware of it, the war had already finished. Despite this, she was a testimonial of the consequences of the war.

Time passed by, and Teresa and Ramon met, creating a love relationship that would last till the present time. They met when they were only teenagers, when they had to start working. They started at the age of 13 in a textile company, and their timetable was very strict: they worked from 6 am to 2 am, and from 2 am to 10 am. This schedule was from Monday till Friday, and on Sunday they went to  church. They claimed that their salary was neutral, and they sometimes received a money supplement if they did more meters of sewing. Both went to catholic schools, and their classes were full of kids of different ages, and there was a lack of teachers. The classes where taught in the Spanish language, and they were obliged to sing the song calledCara al Sol, song made by  Franco’s regime, a dictator who leaded the country. They were forbidden to speak in Catalan in the streets and the school, so they talked in Catalan discreetly.