First day in Rome

In the first day we went to Rome. After that we met, we divided in two groups and we visited “The Historical Museum of Liberation”, situated in Via Tasso. This museum was set up in the premises of the building which, during the Nazi occupation of Rome (11 September 1943 – 4 June 1944), was born as a prison by the Security Police Command. They explain us different types of resistances: armed, by the gap (socialists, communists and shareholders); not armed, by the women who assaulted the food’s shops; journalism; billing of false documents for Jews and sabotage. We saw rooms where prisoners kept closed too. Then we do a sighseeing around the city and the first place we went was “Piazza di Spagna”, where we had lunch. From here we started a guided tour trought all the most famous squares, monuments and churches in Rome. For example we visited Pantheon and Fontana di Trevi, while guide told us the story of those attractions. The last stop was Piazza Navona and here we had some free time to do shopping and visit all the square. From here we took the bus to come back in Montesilvano.

Chiola Marta Pagliaccio Federica