On the 3th day of our mobility in Catalonia, we saw La Casa Milà also know as La Pedrera, in Barcelona. It was the last private house designed by Antoni Gaudì, between 1906 and 1912.

At the beginning people didn’t like it , so they nicknamed it La Pedrera. This house have 4 floors, an attic and a rooftop..It was inspired by the nature, in particular by the sky,threes,flowers and vegetables. Outdoor stairs look like the wings of a butterfly.

At the time it was the most modern building in Barcelona ,and it had also the first elevator. There are 2 different doors and stairs :one for the owners of thye apartments, one for the servants.The laundry and the other services places are located in the attic.Gaudì used chains to create the shape of this structure. This particular shape helps to keep the temperature because in summer is usually hot, and in winter is really cold.

In the rooftop everything looks like a wave.  The differents shadows of the day make this  building always different.This was the last civic work of Gaudì , so it was the last opportunity to create something beautiful, so it’s full of details.

Gaudì learn from the nature for this design, for the first time .He said:” To be creative , come to the origin”.