Barcelona under the bombs

The 4th of April we went in a very upsetting and even astonishing place, the Barcelona’s bunker used in 1937 and 1938. In that period Spain was under the Civil War between Republicans and Nationalists, who were lined up with Francisco Franco, and,  in order to help the dictator, the Nazi-Fascist powers started bombing the city symbol of the Republicans: Barcelona.

To protect the citizens the city built a bunker with a capacity of 2000 people, it is a net of tunnels long more or less 400mt with two benches along it and tall just 2 meters, so it was very claustrophobic. The wall is built with the latin “opus latericium” technique, so the air bubbles in the wall absorb the shakes caused by the bombs and the arch structure runs out the weight.

It was very modern for the time, they had light, electric energy and even an intensive care room, with double walls and double floor to guarantee a heat insulation to the patient.

In conclusion it was a very beautiful and educational experience because we were jumped into the conditions of the civils during the war, and there is no stronger message than being there and seeing the war in its real form.