Abruzzo’s traditional skills and old crafts

In this project I have learned to appreciate my cultural identity and that we must protect and share our cultural heritage. Now I understand how important and meaningful it is to know our past and all the skills and values of our ancestors. I have learned that Abruzzo has an interesting history and that we must love it.

In the beginning we reflected on our cultural heritage and our cultural identity and we read something about how important it is for us to know the traditions and history of our region. 

We drew the “tree of rainbow” that represents the importance of our past in our present.

We read a passage taken from the novel “Wait until spring, Bandini”, written by John Fante, a writer whose family emigrated from Abruzzo to America.

After that we focused on Abruzzo’s traditional skills and old crafts, working in groups. Each group is working on specific topics, doing research on the internet and in the local library.

Giada Sablone