A route along the battle of Ebre


Visit to the sites of “Batalla de l’Ebre” where one of the worst battles of the Spanish Civil War took place

Students working on the Erasmus + project visited the Soth of Catalonia at the beginning of November to study the Battle of Ebre.

This day was focused on understanding what happened in Delta de l’Ebre during the Spanish Civil War.

The activity started early in the morning in order to be on time in Corbera d’Ebre. We did a tour around the old part of the town with a guide who explained us all the details about what had happened there.

Afterwards we moved to Faterell where republican soldiers had the trenches. The guide showed us where people died and how they survived all the weather conditions.

Later, we went to a memorial site, where we could see the names of thousand of soldiers who fought in Ebre’s Battle: republicans and fascists.

The guide came with us all day and we did a tour together around Terra Alta and Ribera d’Ebre, where” La Batalla de l’Ebre” (Ebre Battle) had taken place.

Moreover, we visited an air raid shelter in Benissanet and we watched a video about the reactions of a few women who had built it, some years later.

To finish the tour, we went to the side of Ebre’s river as a way to listen, understand and think over the last details about this important battle here in those  villages… we understood that those who suffered the consequences are always the inhabitants of these villages. However, we are confident that we will be able to break with this history inertia and live a new future in peace.