18 th October Today the day began with a visit to the City of Pescara, where many of the Erasmus students have been líving throughout the week. In the morning we visited the “Museo delle genti d’Abruzzo”. Once there, we were divided into 3 groups to carry out different activities. One of these was to create a vase used in ancient times to curd the milk. The visit continued inside the museum where they have put us in context of the life in “Abruzzo” in different historical periods. During the explanation they have showed us different resources that were used as, tools, clothes, little houses that they built with stones during the path of transhumance … They also spoke about the traditions in ancient times … Then we went to have lunch in a restaurant and we bid farewell to the Czech who left Italy that same afternoon. To finish the day we visited the whole city together with the rest of the Italian partners and this is how we closed the last day of our stay in Italy.