During the last day of our mobility we went to the conference hall of Prats de Llucanes and two girls explained to us what mass graves are and their use in the Spanish Civil War. Mass graves are a burial sites where unidentified people were buried.In the Civil War they have been used to bury the Republicans soldiers murdered by the Nationalists ones.

On the 3th of February 1939, following a bloody battle, Franco’s troops marched into the village of Prats de Lluçanès. The following day, 250 republican soldiers who had been defending the area, were executed. Days later, they were buried in that mass graves by the townspeople. Most of these mass graves are located around the Sant Sebastià chapel. There are six types of mass graves in Catalonia, according to the reason for which they were dug.

Later we went on a trip around the town with a guide, who explained to us where the mass graves and the trenches are located, the advancement of the rebel front, the Republican position and something about the history of the city.